Video: Kandiee Campbell Talks on The Ted Show – “Hope Is A Narrow Blade Of Grass”

Hope Is A Narrow Blade Of Grass

Kandiee Campbell was featured on the The Ted Show to speak on the topic of “Hope Is A Narrow Blade Of Grass.” She shares some of her life’s journey and lessons learned from overcoming trials and tribulations. Kandiee also recounts a near death experience that happened during early childhood. 

Kandiee offers transformational and happiness life coaching. Contact for a free consultation on how she can empower you to reach your fullest potential by overcoming trauma, anxiety, self-defeating patterns and more. 


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Kandiee Campbell

Kandiee Campbell is a grief and transformational coach with years of experience helping people to heal from the inside out. Kandiee has a Master’s degree in counseling, is certified as a Happy for No Reason trainer, and has suffered loss and trauma firsthand. Kandiee’s goal is to help her clients find peace and resolution so they can live happy and fulfilling lives.

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